Acai, Kale and Coconut Green Smoothie in a Coconut!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a bit busy lately to post with uni assignments being due and work also. I thought I would share one of my favourite recipes that I find really energising (and tasty!).


I felt so exotic drinking this out of a coconut, but of course, that step is optional 😉

This recipe uses a fresh young thai drinking coconut combined with superfoods flaxseed, kale and acai! Flaxseed is a great seed that is packed with omega-3s and fiber, if you want something a little more affordable than chia seeds to add to your smoothies, then these are great 🙂 (I still do love chia seeds though!).

Hope you all enjoy the recipe!

Acai, Kale and Coconut Green Smoothie in a Coconut!
Serves 1.

– 1 whole thai drinking coconut
– 1 cup kale
– 1 large frozen banana
– 1 tablespoon flaxseed
– 1 teaspoon acai powder
– 1 tablespoon shredded coconut
– 2 – 3 dates
– handful of ice

1. Open your thai drinking coconut and pour the coconut water from it into your blender. Scoop out the flesh and add that to the blender too.
2. Add all the remaining ingredients into the blender.
3. Once smooth and blended pour your smoothie through a funnel back into your coconut!
4. Enjoy your exotic green smoothie 😉


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