Quick, Two-Minute Blender Tahini Recipe!

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve given my trusty food processor a little bit of a break from all the nut butters, and created a super simple tahini recipe that can be made in the blender. It took me all of about 2 minutes – bonus! πŸ™‚

TahiniI love dipping vegetables in tahini or as a salad dressing! This recipe is just two ingredients, sesame seeds and olive oil. Sesame seeds are full of goodies, they contains healthy fats, minerals and antioxidants. Also, since sesame seeds are SO small originally, they will often pass straight through our bodies. With tahini, the seeds are ground and are actually easier for our bodies to absorb all the goodness!

If you wanted to half or double the recipe, the general rule is 1/4 cup olive oil to every 1 cup of sesame seeds.

Hope you enjoy this simple recipe!

Elle πŸ™‚

Quick, Two-Minute Blender Tahini Recipe!


  • 2 cups Sesame Seeds
  • 1/2 cup olive oil


  1. Toast your sesame seeds using your preferred method, I use stovetop toasting using a wide frying pan. Heat the sesame seeds on medium heat and shake the pan occasionally. Remove the seeds when they darken and be careful they don’t burn!
  2. Add your olive oil to your blender, add the sesame seeds ontop of this. Blend on a low setting until well incorporated.
  3. Enjoy your tahini πŸ™‚

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