Homemade, Corn Free, Gluten Free Vanilla Extract

Hi everyone,

I know finding a vanilla extract can BE hard, and quite often the extracts on the market have sugar added and made through a corn based alcohol.

Making your own vanilla extract is one of the simplest processes, you just add everything to a jar and let it infuse for a little while!

All you need are vanilla beans, vodka and a glass jar.


The only downside is the time you need to let it seep. but the postiives, to me, outweigh the negatives.

You are getting a preservative, corn free vanilla extract with a pure taste that you will notice in your baking!

Hope you enjoy and make lovely allergy friendly goodies with it 🙂 (I think if you made it in cute jars it would make a great gift too!)


Homemade, Corn Free, Gluten Free Vanilla Extract Recipe


  • 3 vanilla beans
  • 1 cup corn and wheat free vodka(Luksusowa vodka, Chopin vodka and Ciroc vodka – ones I know of, please share if you know others!)


  1. With a small paring knife or kitchen scissors, slice vanilla beans in half and scrape out the beans with the blunt side of the knife. Place the seeds in container of choice (glass jar or bottle works best)
  2. Add vanilla beans in with seeds. Cover completely with the vodka.
  3. To ensure flavours infuse, allow to steep for 4-8weeks (the longer the better the taste!), shaking the bottle every now and then (aim for about once a week!

This will last for years, and you can top it up with vodka as you use it (just shake it around!)


24 thoughts on “Homemade, Corn Free, Gluten Free Vanilla Extract

  1. This is awesome! I made some a year back and I still have a little bit of it. Love the post and all or your recipes!

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